Susan Woods 2nd Opening due to hurricane Michael

Please join in celebration of the solo exhibition


Opening reception of Susan Woods October 25th

6 PM - 8 PM

529 W 20th St. Suite 4W, NYC 10011

Fate, 2018,upholstery springs, steel, 56” x 96” x 9″
LandArt & Symbols, 2010, upholstery springs, steel, 84” x 81” x 4.5”
South of the Border, 2009, upholstery springs, 79” x60” x 5”
Photos by: Kris Graves Photography
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I hope you can make it to the exhibition running from October 11th to November 10th.
Please feel free to contact me for a meeting at the gallery or a studio visit.
Warm wishes from the Brooklyn Navy Yard,

Fate 56" x 96" x 9"
LandArt & Symbols 84" x 81" x 4.5"
South of the Border 79" x 60" x 5"