Pick of the Week

JUNE 20 - JULY 27, 2019
Spring Movement, 2017. Upholstery springs and steel, 55 x 71 x 5 inches

DENISE BIBRO FINE ART, announces its summer installation of works from its backroom.

Featuring works by Thurston Belmer, Daniel Borlandelli, Janet Goddard, Mark Hadjipateras, John Hrehov, Warren Linn, Jerry Meyer, Roslyn Meyer, Danny Morgan, Charles Olson, Don Perlis, Anne Pourny, Tim Ripley, Jack Rosenberg, Audrey Ushenko, Chuck Walker, Susan Woods, Jan Wunderman, and Katie Yang.

We will not have to tap hands and say “NO!” for the summer. Our summer installation is comprised of works from the place that many want to go-our backroom. This group installation is comprised of gallery and guest artists. The work exhibited displays a broad range of media and genres of art: conceptual…abstract…representational…. This exhibition will give insight into the depth and girth of the art we represent. What wonderful inventory we have will make you want to make an appointment to view and acquire work for your art collection.

For more information please call (212)647-7030, email info@denisebibrofineart.com, or visit us at www.denisebibrofineart.com. You can also view the works on Artsy.net.