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Aswoon®/Susan Woods Studio specializes in the design and fabrication of high-end objects d’art, fine art and architectural additions in a variety of sophisticated and reclaimed materials. We develop sculptural prototypes along with configuration solutions for interior and exterior spaces. Exploring the relationship between design experimentation and production through de-functionalism, Susan Woods, a designer and artist, continually creates additions to her own design lines. Her return to the fine arts through the discovery of the design world has led to a collaboration that spans across the lines of art and design. One feeds and teaches the other expanding on both.

A Brief Visual Resume

I have had the distinctive opportunity to learn about and enjoy the use of various materials assossiated with the visual arts. Each medium has a special facility to invoke particular emotional activity as a result of the process, the relationship to the material, whether tactilly sensual, labor intensive, intellectually based, etc. I have frequently traveled from one medium to another, from abstraction to the figurative.