The Spring Line

Upholstery Springs have brought me some of the most inspiring moments and the range of work I have been able to conjure out of this material is ever growing and without end.  The simple shapes combined form an historical range of our cultural past that continues to surprise me.  It appears as if I am not alone in this observation.

Spring Dress Lounge

2010, upholstery springs, steel, 47 x 69 x 24, private collection – White Door Photo

The Thicket

2012, upholstery springs, steel, casters, 109 x 47 x 29, artist’s studio – Kris Graves Photography

Floral Sampler

2011, Approx. 48” x 20” x 4”,upholstery springs, private collection – Rosanna Penna

Floral Wall Climber

2011, Approx. 96” x 40” x 10”, upholstery springs, private collection – Rosanna Penna

Spring Screen

2003, upholstery springs, 84” x 27”, artist studio – Kronus Photography

Musical Chairs

2014, upholstery springs, steel, EA.  47 x 24 x 17, private collection and artist studio – Rosanna Penna